Keith S. Hampton, Attorney At Law - Criminal Lawyer in Austin, TX

Keith S. Hampton has criminal litigation experience that few other attorneys will acquire in their entire careers—he has appeared in front of the Supreme Court of the United States and has won.  For over 20 years, he has been fighting in the Texas courts for the rights of defendants who have been accused of crimes.  His legal career spans over 20 years and hundreds of cases.  Over 40 of those cases have been published.  He represents clients through every step including accusation, trial, appeal, and post-conviction proceedings.

Recognized nationally by other attorneys and the press

Keith S. Hampton has received countless accolades and awards for his outstanding criminal defense record.  He has been recognized by the press both nationally and locally. He has been called:

    • "Hampton has earned our recommendation" - Dallas Morning News
    • "Extensive criminal defense track record" - Houston Chronicle
    • "Well Experienced in criminal defense" - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
    • "Impressive legal resume" - Austin Statesman
    • "Ample experience in trial and appellate work" - San Antonio Express News

Listening to his clients

Despite Keith S. Hampton's impressive background, he is a caring professional who gives his cell phone number to his clients so that they can reach him at all times.  He listens patiently to his client's account of the incident and then gets to work reviewing potential defenses.  One of his biggest concerns is that justice gets done.  Clients who hire Keith S. Hampton can count on receiving:

  • A clear and full explanation of what to expect during the case
  • An honest assessment of the likely outcome

Keith S. Hampton defends clients for these criminal matters and more:

A written contract with a full explanation of the fee arrangement is given to each client.  In some criminal cases, representation by an attorney is not necessary because the accused can take care of the matter themselves.  In these cases, Keith S. Hampton saves his clients money by informing them when he is not needed.

Keith S. Hampton is of counsel to in Georgetown, Williamson County, another formidable criminal defense firm in Williamson and Travis counties.  He enjoys teaming up with Bob Phillips in cases ranging from misdemeanors to death penalty offenses.

Contact the attorney fighting to protect your rights

Contact Keith S. Hampton online or call him today at (512) 476-8484 for a nationally recognized and experienced criminal defense attorney who cares about his clients.  He fights to protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

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